1. alabasterbones:

    i envy people that come up with witty comebacks on the spot because i’m gonna need at least a 3 day notice 

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  2. Potholes

    Hey, hey!

    It has been such a crazy week/weekend for me. I’m going to split it into three posts so bear with me. First thing is first: potholes. Potholes are the devil. Here in Edmonton, when spring arrives everyone rejoices because FINALLY the sun is out, and you can stop wearing 15 layers and you don’t have to wear bulky winter boots (at least, not as often as you used to). When spring comes, the angels sing and the skies open….and so do the roads. I reiterate, potholes are the devil. 

    Potholes happen because of moisture and erosion of the asphalt…or at least I think that’s what happens. My dad tried explaining it to me but the guy is a civil engineer and this girl is not. So that’s the gist of what I understand about how potholes happen. What I do know is that potholes happen, and they suck. So my advice: avoid, avoid, avoid! Potholes hurt! 

    I bought a car in December, her name is Fiona (because she’s a lime green VW bug) and she reminds me of Princess Fiona from Shrek. As I was driving home from school last Tuesday at around 9 pm, I hit a massive pothole and I popped by front passenger tire. It sucked. I was stuck on the road (cause I’m an idiot. I’m just a straight up idiot) and I had to call AMA, and now, every little dark spot on the road makes me cringe. I didn’t think there was any extra damage to my car other than the tire that popped. I was wrong. So very wrong. 

    My mom went to go and wash my car yesterday, and the fender is broken. Like falling off broken. I was so sad. And now I have to pay money to get it fixed and it just sucks. 

    Once again, avoid, avoid, avoid!



  3. Anonymous said: What happened to zoe? Is she still on the blog?

    Zoe has moved on from the blog just because she outgrew it. I’m sure she loves blogging still and I’m sure that she still appreciate all you readers, but she’s been quite busy with her life and it was time to move on. 



  4. Fashion Friday: Tulle Skirts

    For the past 6 months, I have been fascinated by the idea of tulle skirts. I used to think tulle skirts were strictly for ballerinas and for children under the age of 5 but street style has been proving me wrong. You can get tulle skirts in almost any length.From floor length, to midi to mini but I have a special love affair with midi-skirt length tulle skirts.There’s something about the length that whispers classy and elegant without yelling trashy and childish or overly formal. 

    Grey tulle skirt carrie bradshaw inspired tutu sex by Fanfaronada Determined to find the perfect tulle skirt, that doesn't cost a fortune!

    Grey Tulle Skirt

    Comme Des Garcons Tulle Bubble Hem Skirt in Dusty Purple Polka Dot.. i like this.

    Comme des Garcons skirt


    Pale Pink Tulle Skirt

    I’m personally in love with the first one. 


  5. Thoughtful Thursday: Backbone

    You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be. Eat Pray Love quote

    I’ve often wished that I had a stronger backbone but one thing I’ve learned is that some people were born with a backbone and others were meant to grow theirs. I was definitely the latter. 

    I wished people would stop trying to get me drunk but my backbone told me that I had to actively refuse alcohol and stick to my guns. My wish became my reality. Having a backbone doesn’t make you a bitch or an asshole. It means you know what you want and no one can sway you. I like that in a person. 


  6. Fashion Friday: Boat Neck Tees

    Recently, I’ve been pinning a whole lot of clothing on Pinterest and they have one thing in common. A french sailor’s tee. Here are some of my favorites that are still decently affordable! I personally like symmetrical striped with equal spacing between them and an equal width of all stripes. These are super classy and you can dress them up or down. Pair it with some torn jeans for a casual “running errands” look or an A-line midi skirt for brunch with the fam.

    LL Bean

    Women`s classic sailor tee

    Land’s End 

    Striped Boat-Neck Tee

    Forever 21


  7. Thoughtful Thursday: Inspiration

    thank you♥


    There are so many people in my life who inspire me and they don’t even know it. My best friend, my mom, my dad, people on the street who inspire me to dress a certain way, my friends who inspire me to be a better friend. The boys past, present and future who inspire me to be better but also to be me. 

    Who inspires you?


  8. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Many of us have been through a break-up and while some of them are particularly nasty and end badly, some of the time, they end on a good footing and amicably. If they did end amicably, then you or your ex-significant other probably said something along the lines of “I hope we can still be friends, whether it’s now or later down the road”. I know I have. I did it with WM, with 25, with 18 and with Lumberjack. 

    Every single one of them, all said, yes absolutely. They wanted to remain friends after our relationship and I was all “great, that means I won’t lose them”! How very wrong I was. 

    Within a couple days, they all dropped off the face of the Earth and wouldn’t even say hello to me. Was I hurt? HELL yeah. One day they’re your friend, the next day you’re just another stranger to them. Uhm, excuse me? We have history. You can’t just ignore that…or, I guess you can. 

    I have yet to find a guy who will actually follow through with the “we can still be friends” line. Sometimes, I think people only say yes to that line because it placates the other person. I’d much rather someone say, gently might I add, “actually, there’s too much that went on and I don’t think I can be JUST your friend anymore because of that history”. Why aren’t people just up front about it? Why can’t someone just out right say that? It would hurt less, there would be less speculation. It would just be less.

    Has this happened to any of you?


  9. If you’ve seen the new Disney movie Frozen, you probably have heard the song “Let It Go” and even if you haven’t seen the movie Frozen, you’ve probably heard the song “Let It Go”.  This is Christina Bianco. She does a fantastic impression of popular vocalists. 

    If you’ve seen or heard Celine Dion perform, you will giggle when she does that impression ;) 


  10. Imagine

    Happy Monday lovelies! 

    I know it’s been a while since I last updated the blog but I’m back. It’s been a crazy couple months. Between school, family and so many other things, I’ve been loaded with some of the craziest moments of my life. 

    Firstly, I just got back from Reading Week and I actually spent the entire week doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, reading (non school related books) and catching up on all of the shows that I’ve been missing. 

    I love romance novels (I know, how cliche of me) but I especially love Nora Roberts. I don’t usually fall in love with book characters, but it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with some of the characters I have encountered in Nora Robert’s books. 

    Here are some series that I would recommend to you:

    The Bride Quartet


    If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a wedding business with your three best friends while also simultaneously falling in love, these are your books. I spent a good portion of my first year of University hoping and wishing that this would be my life. I actually started looking at real estate to find a house as eloquent as the one described in this series. I wanted to BE Parker Brown of the Connecticut Browns. 

    The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy


    I just finished this trilogy over the weekend, and now they have me wanting to move to a small town, purchase an inn, refurbish it and find my future husband (does anyone see a continuous theme occuring? I do.) The Montgomery brothers are three crass yet gentlemanly brothers and I wish they existed in real life, because I would absolutely want to be part of their family. Besides, nothing says manly man like a guy who can build a quaint B&B up from the ground, right? 

    The Ava Lee Series

    PLOT TWIST! The Ava Lee series isn’t even remotely romantic in any way. 



     The Ava Lee Series consists currently of 6 books (the sixth one is called The Two Sisters of Borneo). Ava Lee is a 5’4” Chinese woman who lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She runs her own forensic accounting business but her clientele is mostly Asian. When I started out reading these books (thank you 12 Days of Christmas on iTunes), I was hooked. Not only is Ava incredibly relatable (I’m Chinese-Canadian and 5’0”, Ava Lee is my ultimate hero) but her story is so unique. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, eats dim sum and occasionally flies to Hong Kong (or another Asian country) to persuade people to return money or pay bad debts. Not only does she kick major ass but she’s also a lesbian, which adds a plot twist to the entire series! I read these novels over and over again because I can’t get enough of them. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for adrenaline rush. 

    Next up? TV shows I caught up on over the week. 

    What books do you recommend I read?